Our Projects

Classic Cottage

20 photos Residential Design by Heydt Designs, Interior Design by Benjamin Dhong Interiors, Photography by David Duncan Livingston

Open Plan Traditional- Modern Living For Today's Family

13 photos Photography: David Duncan Livingston
Contractor: Apperson Hoog & Associates
Cabinetry: J. Spix Fine Cabinets
Furniture: Benjamin Dhong Interiors

Ranch Goes Traditional

16 photos Classic Traditional Farmhouse Remodel to 1960's Ranch Style Home
Photography: David Duncan Livingston
Contractor: Rasmussen Construction

Schoolhouse Rock

3 photos This bathroom was remodeled to bring the styling of the bathroom more in keeping with the rest of the traditional Shingle-Style home. It is a children's bathroom, and the client's only direction was the incorporation of the Kohler Brockway Schoolhouse Sink. The rest of the design was built off of that to match the architecture of the home. Benjamin Dhong Interiors designed the shower curtain.

Green Lines

26 photos